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Lisa Punsky

Lisa Punsky is a Licensed Florida REALTOR who relocated from New England to Palm Beach County, FL in 2010. Through RELOX, Lisa provides concierge relocation & moving services to professionals and retirees of all backgrounds. Whether you’re seeking the guidance of a REALTOR or a logistics manager to handle your relocation, Lisa is here to help.

Lisa offers personal success in navigating cross country moves along with the acumen of a Financial Planner to ensure that you’re ready to make the move to South Florida. You’ll work directly with Lisa, a relocation & moving expert offering decades of experience helping clients to achieve their life goals by prudent budgeting and planning. You’ll also receive guidance from an analytical South Florida REALTOR fully equipped to negotiate on your behalf.

Jillian Theriot

Jillian Theriot is a Licensed Massachusetts REALTOR who has lived in the Northeast her whole life, including going to the University of New England in Biddeford, ME. Jillian’s team first approach comes from her tenured experience as an operational leader and her experience as a college athlete. Through RELOX,  Jillian focuses on providing a customer-centric strategy that is well known throughout the region.

RELOX clients are making life changing decisions and Jillian’s focus is on making it frictionless. Leveraging her knowledge and experience as a REALTOR combined with the RELOX systems she is confident when she tells someone to RELAX with RELOX that they truly can! So if you’re relocating across town or across the country she is ready to make sure that everything goes perfect!