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Our Mission

RELOX is a concierge relocation services company. Our mission is to provide a truly first-class, full-service experience to our clients. We are your primary contact for all services. This includes finding your dream home, moving your belongings and vehicle transportation.

We will also coordinate all services for you once you arrive at your new destination…arranging for painters, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, housekeepers, caretakers, pet services, etc.

Our Story

RELOX has long been a vision for Lisa. As a result of a job transfer eight years ago, she and her husband relocated from New England to South Florida. It was such a challenge figuring out the best place to live and who to hire for moving assistance. They were unfamiliar with the many different communities and it was a bit overwhelming to take on such big changes without any help. After moving, they had no idea which professionals to hire when setting up a new home. It was also a big job just figuring out their new area.

Lisa’s background includes almost 30 years of working in the Financial Services industry – assisting clients with financial planning. She has also owned a Tour and Event Planning business for the past 13 years. She has always enjoyed helping clients achieve their personal goals as well as coordinating ways to support a happy and rewarding lifestyle.

Lisa’s daughter-in-law, Jillian, is a Realtor in Massachusetts. Jill loves helping clients find their primary or second dream home. Lisa and Jill have often discussed the many challenges of moving and knew they could provide a great service by offering a seamless, personal, stress-free way for people to relocate to a new area. So, Lisa decided to also obtain her real estate license and finally make her vision come to life.

Lisa and Jill are both passionate about the services provided by RELOX and welcome an opportunity to discuss how they can help you Relax with RELOX!